Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow Day!

Well, that's not actually my car or my house, and I have no clue what state that picture was taken in. It is pretty darn cold and icy here in Texas, and there was no way I was going out in the elements to snap a pic! In fact, I haven't left the comfort of my cozy house in 2 days! Big shout out to my school district for putting safety first and providing me with 2 nice days to be super productive around the house.

Ahem, did I say productive? Whoops. I did do a load of laundry, but when I heard about the energy shortage, I quickly sacrificed all house chores and opted for reading on the couch and sipping hot chocolate. Good citizen, yes, that's me.

I realized as I sit here, that I never really posted pics of the new house, and I've had some requests. So, alas... here you go!

Living Room
Dining Room
(We need some art...any suggestions?)
Upstairs Work/Play Area
(Snuck a pic with cute Jared in there working hard)
Guest Room
(Anyone want to come visit?)
Buddy's Bedroom...I mean our Bedroom
(I want some drapes and a mirror)
Master Bath

The baby's room is our catch-all right now, which is why there are no pics posted yet. Also, I didn't capture our boring other bathrooms...I seriously need some inspiration for those, so all thoughts are much appreciated!

Well, now back to my busy schedule.

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  1. Your house looks gorgeous! I am reserving the guest room for next time I'm in Texas! Maybe a cool mirror in the dining room on one of the walls? And maybe a picture of you and Jared toasting or eating cake from your wedding in cool frames? You could also add pictures of Vlad eating, those early high chair pictures are always so two cents. XO