Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow My Gosh!

Well, we've enjoyed an unprecedented FOUR snow days in a row this week, and I couldn't be more content.

I'm pleased to say I've locked myself in the house except for a short outing last night down the road to the Teng's house to celebrate the Chinese New Year. What a treat!!

Paige and Austin making Chinese dumplings!
Pretty place setting
Taking a break from the dumpling assembly line!

Back at the house, I've been reading, catching up on my Oprahs, and Jared and I have enjoyed playing some of our favorite games:

Monopoly Deal (It's a miracle we are still married after today's throw down)
Perudo - a Peruvian dice game (beware, Jared likes to talk in his conquistador voice while we play)

Lastly, a fun game- Where's Buddy? Can you find him?

All in all, I cannot complain one bit about cabin fever or the inevitable make up days. I could not be more thankful for this time I've had to rejuvenate and relax in the comfort of my home. I am thankful more than ever for that comfort, as my heart's a bit heavy in prayer for my two sweet students who didn't have heat in their home as of Monday, knowing there is a space heater in my trunk that I was set to deliver to them Tuesday morning before our Texas-sized ice storm hit.

That being said, I am trusting that the Lord is providing, as He always does, and I hope you all take a moment to breathe this weekend, count your blessings, and enjoy those things that bring you comfort!!



  1. I have never played Peruvian Dice, but can imagine Jared and Tommy would have a fine time doing accents. Must plan this next time we're together!! XO

  2. Those games look fun, I will have to look into them. Your puppy is adorable and I will keep your students in prayer.