Friday, February 11, 2011

Keep It Loose

If there's one thing Nashville taught me, it's that nothing can quite top the experience of live music. There's something about being present in a moment with an artist who is sharing their passion and talent and letting yourself be moved by it all.

Artists let themselves become saw raw. They put themselves out there. If only we all could do that just a little bit more in our own lives.

Jared and I had the chance to catch Amos Lee live at the House of Blues on Thursday. We've seen him several times, and he never disappoints. He's a folksy singer/songwriter with a voice and lyrics that seriously just get me straight to the soul every time. LOVE.

The opener for Amos Lee this time was Vusi Mahlasela. Talk about PASSION. This guy was awesome. So different, but really really cool.

Every time we've been to an Amos Lee show, we meet the coolest people (due in part to my very sociable husband). The craziest thing happened this time...we were standing in line next to the SAME awesome couple we met in line at Amos Lee's Nashville show last year! What are the chances??

We had a great night. Check out the music. And Lastly, where are some other great places to catch live music in Dallas??


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  1. I'm glad you're finding live music post-Nashville... I don't very often. Maybe your post will motivate me to find some...