Sunday, January 29, 2012

It's B-A-N-A-N-A-S

This week, I brought one of my students a banana to eat before his big test. After acing the test, we decided bananas must have super powers.

It's true.

Then, this weekend, we fed Abby her first bites of banana....only to find her like this after her first nap.

No lie.

So, now I know 2 things.
1. I'm adding bananas to my daily diet.
2. Nap-time, it's been've now been replaced with playtime and standing practice in the crib.


Sunday, January 22, 2012

Baby Food

Abby's been rocking the oatmeal now for a couple months, so we were excited to get the go-ahead from the doc to try out some real foods.

First up? Avocado!

I'm making my own baby food, so avocado seemed simple enough: cut open and smash. Plus, we always have a few ripe avocados at the Chambers' household. :)

Baby girl wasn't so sure at first....but I think it's growing on her!

Bring on the chips,

Saturday, January 21, 2012

6 Months!

Roughly 5,237 kisses, 1,823 diapers, countless tears of joy and a few of desperation, 180 nights of interrupted sleep, hours upon hours of laughter, and endless prayers of thankfulness....could only mean one thing...



Weight: 15 lbs, 12 oz (46%)
Height: 26 1/2 inches (61%)
Eats every 4 hours during the day (6,10,2, & 6), twice with oatmeal
Naps after 2 hours of being awake, nap time and length TBD
Nighttime is 6:30 pm - 6 ish am, and we can still count on one wake-up at night to eat

Lovebug, here are 10 Things I LOVE about you....

10. You LOVE your bath so much, you love to splash your hands and feet, you laugh so hard at your rubber ducky, and you are FEARLESS in the water.

9. You have so many great faces. I love the way you scrunch your nose and smile big at me. You are hesitant with unfamiliar people but warm up quickly and definitely are all smiles with the ones you love.

8. You are incredibly are so interested in everyone and everything going on around you. Just like your Daddy.

7. You are DETERMINED! You never quit trying to figure things out...from rolling over, sitting up.... we know you'll be crawling or walking before we know it. You figured out this week how to get from laying down to sitting up all by yourself!

6. I love how you laugh, laugh, LAUGH at your doggies, Buddy and Max! You think they are much funnier than Daddy and me.

5. You sleep with your butt up in the air, and it is too cute. We lay you on your back, but within minutes you are face down with your hiney up.

4. You are so interested in toys now! You like to bang your toys, shake rattles, and of course explore everything by putting it in your mouth! You love your jumperoo!

3. You have started to enjoy the church nursery, and of course they love you, too!

2. You love to make so many sounds (lots of oohs, aaahs, hiiiis), you "sing" along to our songs, and you love to make raspberries with your lips.

1. You are so happy, so smiley, and so fun. I rush home each day from work to see you, and I can't get enough of you.


Friday, January 20, 2012


This week at work, I noticed 3 different girls at different times skipping down the hallway. Skipping to the bathroom, the office, the library...

I can't remember that last time I skipped. When I tried it this week, I realized that when I skipped, I couldn't help but smile. The difference is, when these little girls smile, they probably can't help but skip.

At what age do we start toning down our joy? Or are we just less joyful?

Now, my little angel is far from skipping, but she is certainly full of smiles. And I'm so blessed to say that she's my own personal little reminder to skip more and stress less.

Here's to a weekend full of skips and smiles,


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Peace and Quiet

Today I was glancing at one of the bulletin boards in the 2nd grade hallway entitled "Our Wishes for 2012." This could be good, I thought.

It didn't disappoint. My favorite? "World Peace and Quiet"

I love kids. I mean, the end to war would be great and all, but can we just get some peace and quiet in here?!?

But ya know, at second thought, the chic's got a point. Sometimes the world can be so NOISY. You know, with all it's stuff. All those demands, expectations, the keepin' up with the Jones', the need tos and should have dones.

Sometimes we all just need to be still.

For the past 6ish months, my middle of the night feedings with Abby (yes, we've definitely still got them) have come to truly be my "peace and quiets" (after the crying wake up call, of course.) The whole house is still, it's dark, and there are no distractions. Abby and I don't have much of an exchange, but we are as close as we can be. I have found some of those moments to be my most peaceful. The most special. And while I certainly can't wait to have a night of uninterrupted sleep....I secretly may miss those special sweet, peaceful, quiet moments with my baby.

So, as those feedings will likely (and hopefully) disappear, maybe my wish for 2012 should be to find a little more Peace and Quiet in my world.


Thursday, January 5, 2012


After two long, luxurious, restful, wonderful weeks off, I returned to school this week, and Abigail headed back to "Camp Gramma Grandpa." Only a few tears were shed! (Mine, of course!!)

At school, I was greeted with the bright, dimpled smile of my 4th grade student who is seriously 10 years old going on 37. This was our exchange:

Student: Mrs. Chambers, I am so glad to be back at school!!
Me: (Thinking, Seriously? Has someone made the coffee yet??) Oh, buddy, I'm sure it's so great to see your friends again, huh?
Student: Well, I guess. I am really just so glad to be back in a good routine!

We are kindred spirits, no? Or maybe we have just spent waaaay too much time together? I love a plan, I love a schedule, and routine is my middle name. And I looooove that my buddy has learned to love this too!!

Now, don't get me wrong. I love me some spontaneity, of course. It just has to be planned. :)

Ironically, my sweet little munchkin at home, my sweet Abigail, is teaching me that rolling with the punches is good. If mommyhood has taught me anything so far, it's that going with the flow is NECESSARY. Are we on a schedule? HA! But I have learned to read cues like a madwoman. I use the clock as a guide. And each day is new, amazing, and we are definitely learning as we go.

Can anyone relate?

A planner at heart,

Sunday, January 1, 2012

I'm married to an old man...

...a kind, funny, smart, thoughtful, manly kind of man.

A West Texas, boot wearin', truck-driving, God-fearing, open your door, call your mother ma'am kind of man.

A baseball loving, sunflower seed spittin', college football watching, Sic 'Em Bears, golf club swinging, Braves tomahawk choppin', not afraid of the sports cry kind of man.

A history book reader, obscure documentary lover, salesman turned accountant, wood-worker, furniture builder, artist, landscaper, obsessed with music, can talk to anyone about anything, make a friend anywhere kind of man.

A wash your car, fill your tank, do it without asking, no need to thank me, run downstairs 10 times for something you forgot kind of man.

An always kiss goodnight, date taking, handmade card making, it's all in the details, scratch your back for hours on end, trustworthy, take-home-to your mother, spend a lifetime loving kind of man.

A diaper changing, lullaby singing, silly song making, future boyfriend threatening, my daughter has me wrapped around her finger kind of man.

A real man.

My man.

Happy 30th Birthday, Jared. I love you!

Happy New Year!

I love the feeling of Januarys. Anything is possible! It's a fresh start for positive changes, new attitudes, and many possibilities! Break out the green smoothies, budget spreadsheets, day planner, workout schedule, bible study sign-ups, blog writing (ehem) name it. Love it. Don't even try to hit me with your negativity about resolutions....I've resolved to be more positive. :) What's up, 2012?!

But wait, not so fast.

2011 was pretty awesome. Just so I don't forget my faves, in 2011...

Hollis moved down the STREET!
My baby girl was born.

Jared and I enjoyed the first weekend of spring weather in NYC.
I survived my last trimester of pregnancy during Texas' hottest summer on record.

RGIII!! (Someone pinch me!)

We had LOTS of Snow days!

I spent hours and hours on....

Yup, 'bout sums it up! Ok, back to my closet organization, menu planning, and journaling! :) Happy 2012 to you!