Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Jared and I celebrated V-day by spending the day together on Sunday. We went to brunch atDream Cafe (FAVE!), took a walk in the 70 degree weather and fed the ducks by our pond (they apparently are not interested in 100% whole wheat), and we had dinner with my parents (LOVE!).

So that brings me to yesterday, Valentine's Day, which turned out to be the perfect trifecta of three of my favorite things...pink, sugar, and Pioneer Woman.

One of my students decided to bring me a Valentine's Day gift, which was so sweet, and what was sweeter was how excited he was to give it to me. It went a little something like this:

Student: Mrs. Chambers, I know how much you love cupcakes.
Me (decked out in pink, despite the fact that my students can't see that): YES (score!)
Student: I also remember how you do not like the frosting on cupcakes.
Me: Great memory!!
Student: So, for Valentimes (yes, he says it with an "m"), I licked the icing off this cupcake and brought it just for you.

There are no words.

After school, Paige and I zipped over to Borders to meet one of our favorite bloggers, Ree Drummond aka Pioneer Woman. We got there an hour early only to find out there were 400 people in line before us!!!! (I told you she is awesome!) Needless to say, we stayed for her Q & A and then jetted. It was SO fun, though, and we're glad we went!

Even Marlboro Man was there! :)

Then, Paige and I got some Pinkberry (blood orange is to die for), and she brought me home just in time for my sugar high (sans cupcake) to crash and to yell at the TV during the Bachelor. Whew!



  1. We love Pioneer Woman too! Glad you had a great Valentine's Day...you better post pictures of your sweet baby bump one day :)

  2. I am SO jealous you got to see P-Dub and the WHOLE family! So cool! Hope you enjoyed your cupcake!!