Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Hi Baby!

The kids in one of the PreK classes I visit are VERY excited about Vladi's arrival (aka Baby Chambers). Every time I visit the class, all the the little girls run up and say, "Hi Mrs. Chambers! Hi BABY!!!" One of the little girls even drew me this cute little picture.

Do you see baby Vlad?

The kids in that class are getting more and more excited everyday, and so am I! I'm embracing the "bump!"

And Jared is embracing Daddy duties! No pickles and ice cream runs yet, just lots of foot rubs. And back rubs. Not because I'm sore or anything...just because I can pull that card for the next 5 months. This weekend Jared also put together the crib! He couldn't wait.

Max and Buddy....they're not so sure.


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