Wednesday, March 23, 2011


So I recently got a new phone, and it's real fancy-like. It has all kinds of neat apps (Words with Friends, anyone??), I look really cool playing on the touch screen, and it has that auto-correct feature.

Oh, that.

I sort of have a love/hate relationship with auto-correct. When text-messaging, auto-correct helps with spelling errors and can making texting quicker. Hypothetically. I HATE auto-correct because it NEVER corrects me correctly....and I LOVE auto-correct because it provides me with endless hours of laughter. At myself.

So here are some recent messages that make me chuckle-- what I meant to say, and what auto-correct "corrected" for me:

What I meant to say: "It's a GIRL! Her name is Abigail Katherine!"
What I SENT: "Spot's a GIRL! Her name is Abigail Katherine!"

Seriously? Like the dog?

What I meant to say: "I had a dream you were pregnant!"
What I SENT: "I had a dream you were Peggy!"

Who the crap is Peggy?

What I meant to say: "I slept much better last night!"
What I SENT: "I skepticism much better last night!"

Wow, big vocab, auto-correct!

Well, that's just a few. Moral of the story - if you get a very strange sounding text message from me, wait a few seconds until I realize that auto-correct is playing tricks on me again.



  1. I so wish I had gotten "Spot's a Girl!" -- that makes me laugh every time I think of it now. :)

  2. have you ever visited the website Hi-larious! I look forward to an auto-corrected text from you now:)