Friday, March 25, 2011

The Wiggles

This week was all about the WIGGLES!

No, not these Wiggles. These guys creep me out. Big time.

I'm just referring to regular old normal wiggly kids. Not sure if everyone had spring fever this week, or it was just because it's Friday today...but we ALL had the wiggles. Wiggly feet, fingers, toes, minds....

One student was so full of energy today that I dared him to bunny-hop all the way from his classroom to my portable in effort to wear him out. He was up to the challenge....but it didn't do the trick!

Someone else has had the wiggles....and that would be sweet baby Abigail! I've been able to feel her for a couple weeks now, but this week she's seriously taken it up a notch! I feel her SO much all throughout the day. Jared even felt her kick for the first time on Monday. I guess there's a possibility that all her wiggles mean she's pissed at me ("no more cheese, Mom!" or "No, don't curl up like that!"), but I consider them love pats.... I certainly do love them!


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  1. That is so exciting about feeling Baby Abigail... that's one of the parts of pregnancy I eagerly anticipate -- eventually.