Thursday, March 24, 2011


Today is brought to you by the letter "U!" Or should I say:

(Braille letter U)

My little PreK braille reader and I were discussing the letter "u" it feels, what sound it makes, and what words start with the letter. I made a few suggestions: (P.S. I'm obviously a bad teacher for even using this word!)....

To this, Little Guy says, "Mrs. Chambers, what is ugly?"

Mind you, this student has absolutely NO vision.

And so it makes you think. How do you explain what ugly means to someone who has never seen? Really...what is ugly????

In all seriousness, I explained to Little Guy that ugly is when someone does not behave nicely. That person is acting ugly.

What if that was the only definition?

Little Guy will never form a judgement or treat someone differently because of the way they look.... tall, short, fat, skinny, crooked teeth or messy hair. I wonder if by not seeing others, will he have the precious opportunity to truly see them?



  1. I had a totally blind high schooler reading To Kill a Mockingbird and she was totally lost in the book because she didn't understand the difference between black people and white people; sometimes the blind have the advantage.

  2. Okay, in my pre-wedding hormones, your post made me cry. If I'm this way pre-wedding I can't imagine how emotional I'll be pre-baby...

  3. Hitting me with the real.