Thursday, March 10, 2011


My 3rd grader informed me this morning that my baby will be a boy. For sure.

Me: How do you know?
3rd grader: My mom's a psycho.


Me: Do you mean she's a psychic?
3rd grader: Yes.

Ahhhh. I see.

Speaking of psycho....let me just tell you a little something about pregnancy hormones. They're legit. And listen, I am NOT complaining. I have been extremely blessed with the best pregnancy so far. I have never felt better in my like. (Don't worry, I am knocking on wood like a mad woman.) The only reason I can actually tell that I am pregnant, besides the expanding stomach, is that I cry at EVERYTHING. Say baby, and I cry. Oprah, forget it. I actually cried reading "Baby Bargains" last night when I thought about registering. And to be quite honest, I cried at a Subaru commercial while writing this post (you know, the one with the father talking to his daughter in the driver's seat?). Legit I tell you.

So, speaking of psychic...I predict lots more tears from here on out. And I predict that maybe JUST maybe we may find out if my 3rd grader is right on TUESDAY. :)



  1. I love your posts, Stacey. Can't wait to find out if your 3rd grader... who's got a 50/50 shot is right.

  2. This is actually Brooke, by the way.

  3. That cracks me up! I remember crying ALL the time, just look at me the wrong way and the tears would start pouring :) I am glad to hear the pregnancy itself has gone so well! Super excited to hear the gender results...have a great weekend!

  4. This totally cracks me up. I love it. Raw pregnancy emotion! It is bewildering!