Friday, October 1, 2010

Friday 5

Considering it was a short week for students and teachers (making teacher inservice day and fair day numbers 1-5 on the work top 5 countdown this week), this week's top 5 will consist of the top 5 moments of my day trip to Canton with Mom.

For those of you who haven't been, Canton's "First Monday Trade Days" is the world's largest event of its kind. Think: 1 part antique, 1 part garage sale, 1 part flea market, 1 part art ...add in a little fair food... BOOM! You've got Canton.

Here goes... the top 5 favorite moments of the day:

5. Glass Bottle. Mom was on a hunt for some unique glass bottles for her homemade Sambuca and Limoncello. After some wheeling and dealing with the vendor, she scored a neat little glass bottle for next to nothing. Being a true salesman, the vendor tried to add on the sale by pointing our attention to an Elvis Christmas record. Sir, if you're out there, I appreciated your enthusiasm, and who doesn't love The King...but seriously? We've chuckled about it all day. Really, what shouts "Elvis Christmas" better than this?

4. Leg Lamp. One thing you should know is that Canton has everything. Mom and I had fun pointing out the most random of items. At one point, Mom says (through laughter), "Stace, do you need a Leg Lamp, like on Christmas Vacation?" I looked in the direction she was pointing. "Mom," I said, "That's not a leg lamp. That's an actual prosthetic leg."

3. Treasures. I'll post pics later of my two special finds that I discovered for Jared...they are still a surprise. It was so much fun finding little "treasures" that I know he will love. Something I bet you didn't know you could buy at Canton: Brownie Points.

2. Tables. I was on a hunt for some table legs for an inspired desk that Jared and I have in mind for our new house. I found something even better. Here are my two cute new tables that will soon be ends to a side-by-side desk, thanks to be handy-man husband!

1. Mom. Living in Texas means that I got the day off because of the Texas State Fair. Then I got to drive east with my mom for a full day with her! Antiques, haggling, treasures, tables, cornbread sandwiches, and fresh-squeezed lemonade...what a treat to spend a fun fall day with such a special lady.

Anyone free next First Monday?