Saturday, October 30, 2010

Friday 5....on Saturday

Better late than never!

5. Gloria's Gloria's Hallelujah!
One reason I love my job is that my classroom can be anywhere....even at one of my all time faves-Gloria's Mexican Restaurant. That's right...I got to take a student to lunch at Gloria's to teach social skills! I got to introduce my favorite 8 year old to none other than Gloria's bean dip. Love.

4. Pumpkin Guts
That's what we called the inside of the pumpkins growing up. This week, 3 of my students got to feel pumpkin guts for the first time when we carved pumpkins in my classroom. One of the students is 17 years old! It's amazing what some of my students have missed out on, and it's so much fun that I get to help them experience new things!

3. Oh. My. Gaw.
Yup, that's one of my preschool students' new favorite sayings. Even though I corrected him for saying it...I have to admit, it's pretty hilarious coming from his little mouth. And like he said, "It's not a bad word!"

2. Ninja Turtles
Yesterday an 8 year old asked me if I have ever heard of the Ninja Turtles. Seriously? Leonardo and I are BFF.

RANGERS WIN! And I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Baylor to keep their lead against UT! Sic 'em!

Have a great weekend!!


  1. Hahah I had an ADORABLE [also my fav student ever] 1st grader last year call pumpkin guts "punkin poop." It was the cutest thing I had ever heard and he used the phrase a million times before Halloween.

  2. Stacy - I had no idea you have a blog... glad you posted to facebook! I can now follow you! Where are you working? I read above that you carved pumpkins in your classroom - does that mean you have a classroom? Non-itinerant?
    I am a TVI now too. I work itinerant and cover 175ish miles. Will enjoy keeping in touch with you!
    - B

  3. Lani- that is hilarious!

    Brooke- Thanks for following my blog! I'm excited you are a TVI, too! I am technically an itinerant teacher (I have 6 schools and 13 students). However, I spend 95% of my time at one school where I have 2 braille readers. At that school I have a classroom where I keep all of my supplies and can work with my braille readers if I pull them out of class!