Sunday, September 26, 2010

Ode to Fall

The high today is 76 degrees
It's beautiful, sunny, and there's even a breeze!

Oh, Fall, you are truly on your way
You make me crave apple cider and a pumpkin spiced latte!
( -- check out Clinton on the commercial)

In just a few weeks we'll be turning back the clock,
It's time for my favorite polish: "You don't know Jacque"

Fall, Fall, you are truly the best.
Football, cool weather, and Oktoberfest

A tell tale sign that fall is here:
Big Tex has arrived, along with fried beer!

Fall, fall, you started out right
A win for the Cowboys today and the Baylor Bears last night.

In fall I wear jeans, long sleeved tees, and a smile
Fall, glad you're here....please stay a while!

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