Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday 5

3 work moments + 2 non-work moments = Friday 5

5. I asked one of my young students what he had for lunch yesterday. "Nothing," he said. "Nothing???" I asked. "Nope. Just Spaghetti," he said. He went on to explain to me that it had no meat; therefore, it did not count. This is REALLY funny to me because I have had the exact conversation with my husband, and it was actually the cause of our very first fight. :)

4. If you read my post from the other day, you know that I had a moment where I fell FLAT on my face in the hallway. One of my students has proceeded to ask me EVERY day since then if I remember when that happened. Obviously, he is not going to let me forget it!

3. Picture day! There is nothing more adorable than seeing all of the students all dressed up for picture day. One of my elementary students informed me that he even had his "dancing shoes" on! Love.

2. My little brother turned 23! We celebrated Jason this week, and it was so fun to be back in Texas and share the special day in person. We had a great family dinner at this great restaurant in downtown Grapevine:

1. The Rangers, Braves, and Yankees are ALL in the post season! It's been a week of nail biting, jersey wearing, and "bling" rubbing! Talk about a house divided!

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