Monday, October 4, 2010

A Twinkle of Kindness

Last week, one of my little nuggets and I faced some challenges as we weaseled and worked our way through some proverbial red tape in order to get him placed in a new class.

Just for the record, sometimes I think this "red tape" has blinking flashing lights with my name on it along with a carnival man with a megaphone shouting "step right up!" I was still sticky with my last bought with the tape, but Little Nugget (LN) and I took on the challenge anyway. Thus, I was feeling worn down.

Enter Ms. C.

Ms. C. is LN's new teacher, and my own personal angel, I'm sure. Ms. C. reminded me this week that it's sometimes the little acts of kindness and care that make the biggest difference, for a frustrated teacher and a nervous LN.

Ms. C showed us little acts of kindness like teaching her class to sing LN a welcome song on his first day, like letting LN be her special helper all day long, like changing snack time to "right now" because LN just wasn't sure about his new class. And then today:
LN showed me how Ms. C. taught him to flash his fingers like twinkling stars. LN is blind; he has never seen the stars. But Ms. C. took the time to teach him this fact and explain to him this wonder.

This week, Ms. C. was my twinkling star during a week that felt dim and dull. And Ms. C. reminded me that a little twinkle can go a long way.


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