Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Shorty got low low low low

Ever think you should have a theme song for your day? Or maybe that Rachel Berry could come around the corner any minute and break out in song on her way to glee club practice with the New Directions? Today, I think FLO Rida could sing my theme song...."She Hit the Floor."

Yup, that's right...the floor and I had it out today. Here's why:

1. One of my blind students uses small cubes as manipulatives to solve math problems. Somewhere during hour 3 of administering a standardized math test to this student, he slowly counted "116, 117, 118....." BOOOM! His arm swept across the desk and small cubes flew everywhere. [Cue FLO Rida] "She hit the floor! Next thing you know!"

2. Somewhere during hour 5 of the testing, I realized that in the shuffle of students, I hadn't eaten anything yet and the coffee jitters were unbearable. Aha! I reached for my new favorite snack- a Lara Bar ...(check them out at www.larabar.com)....banana bread, my favorite! Plop. [Cue FLO Rida] "Next thing you know! Shorty got low low low low!"

3. The day was almost over! We had all survived the testing. My student and I were laughing about something, relieved for the end of the day. Too bad about that small puddle outside of my classroom. I fell. Hard. Face First. Classic. FLO Rida, you got this.

Five minutes later my student says, "Mrs. Chambers, remember when you fell flat on the floor?" Got to love it.

Just thought I'd share because if you can't laugh at yourself, who can you laugh at right?
Here's to staying far from the floor tomorrow!



  1. Just wanna say two things: 1)this was hilarious 2)Now I have "get low" in my head and can't stop singing it.

  2. Hahaha! Thanks, Jenna! I found myself singing it today, too!