Friday, September 3, 2010

Bring It

Let's just be clear. Reading, writing, and arithmetic don't always come easy. Unfortunately for one of my sweet bugs, this happens to be the case. But let me just tell you, he's not going down without a fight.

Even my own patience is wearing thin on his behalf as we struggle through some basic problems with no avail. I recommend ONE more problem before we call it a day. His reaction? "BRING IT ON!!" He laughs, rubs his hands together, and gears up for another doozie.

Seriously? This kid is a rock star. We can all stand to "BRING IT" a little more when it comes to our own lives, can't we? Try something new? Be more present in our relationships? Say yes when our body is thinking no?

So my "BRING IT" moment for the week was a Paige/Stacey Groupon spectacular. Our month-long Belly Dancing classes ended with a show at Stratos. We even brought our families along for the ride. Opa!

How do you plan to "BRING IT" this Labor Day weekend?

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  1. Love the blog and SO jealous of the cute frame things (favorites, about).You must help me get those. P.S. The red head looks seductive!