Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday 5

It's Friday!!! We made it! And so...the Friday 5, the top 5 teaching moments of the week!

5. Belt Malfunction - I could tell one of my little preschool students was walking funny as we held hands down the hall. I was about to redirect him to walk correctly, but when I looked down--- his pants were around his ankles!! The poor little guy had walked through the hall passing three classrooms in his little whitey tighteys. Priceless.

4. Vertically Challenged - I was helping one of my [blind] students with a math problem in which we were comparing the height of trees. To demonstrate, I had us stand up and pretend we were the trees. I instructed him to find the difference between the height of the small tree (him) and the taller tree (me). He touched the top of my head and said, "Mrs. Chambers, why are you ducking down?" I responded, "Ummmm....I'm not." Classic.

3. Reading is fun! Ok, so this every moment a teacher hopes for -- "Reading is fun, Mrs. Chambers!" Whew! I must be doing SOMETHING right!

2. Running - I was encouraging one of my students this week to run the 50 meter dash in an event for students with visual impairments around the metroplex. I told him, "You can definitely run for 50 meters." He was insistent that this was just NOT possible. We argued for a few moments until he said..... "Mrs. Chambers, 50 YEARS is a LONG time!"

1. My Fave- So, it's always kind of funny when children you are around start picking up on phrases you say a lot. For better or worse, all the moms I know can vouch for this! Well, yesterday one of my students says, "Mrs. Chambers, this book is my fave!" HA! I said, "Awesome! Your 'fave,' huh?" "Yeah, Mrs. Chambers, I learned that from you!" At least I'm teaching something!

Happy Friday!

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