Friday, January 20, 2012


This week at work, I noticed 3 different girls at different times skipping down the hallway. Skipping to the bathroom, the office, the library...

I can't remember that last time I skipped. When I tried it this week, I realized that when I skipped, I couldn't help but smile. The difference is, when these little girls smile, they probably can't help but skip.

At what age do we start toning down our joy? Or are we just less joyful?

Now, my little angel is far from skipping, but she is certainly full of smiles. And I'm so blessed to say that she's my own personal little reminder to skip more and stress less.

Here's to a weekend full of skips and smiles,



  1. I can just hear the pump chanting, "skipping, skipping, skipping..." now! ;) XO