Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Peace and Quiet

Today I was glancing at one of the bulletin boards in the 2nd grade hallway entitled "Our Wishes for 2012." This could be good, I thought.

It didn't disappoint. My favorite? "World Peace and Quiet"

I love kids. I mean, the end to war would be great and all, but can we just get some peace and quiet in here?!?

But ya know, at second thought, the chic's got a point. Sometimes the world can be so NOISY. You know, with all it's stuff. All those demands, expectations, the keepin' up with the Jones', the need tos and should have dones.

Sometimes we all just need to be still.

For the past 6ish months, my middle of the night feedings with Abby (yes, we've definitely still got them) have come to truly be my "peace and quiets" (after the crying wake up call, of course.) The whole house is still, it's dark, and there are no distractions. Abby and I don't have much of an exchange, but we are as close as we can be. I have found some of those moments to be my most peaceful. The most special. And while I certainly can't wait to have a night of uninterrupted sleep....I secretly may miss those special sweet, peaceful, quiet moments with my baby.

So, as those feedings will likely (and hopefully) disappear, maybe my wish for 2012 should be to find a little more Peace and Quiet in my world.


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