Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

I love the feeling of Januarys. Anything is possible! It's a fresh start for positive changes, new attitudes, and many possibilities! Break out the green smoothies, budget spreadsheets, day planner, workout schedule, bible study sign-ups, blog writing (ehem) name it. Love it. Don't even try to hit me with your negativity about resolutions....I've resolved to be more positive. :) What's up, 2012?!

But wait, not so fast.

2011 was pretty awesome. Just so I don't forget my faves, in 2011...

Hollis moved down the STREET!
My baby girl was born.

Jared and I enjoyed the first weekend of spring weather in NYC.
I survived my last trimester of pregnancy during Texas' hottest summer on record.

RGIII!! (Someone pinch me!)

We had LOTS of Snow days!

I spent hours and hours on....

Yup, 'bout sums it up! Ok, back to my closet organization, menu planning, and journaling! :) Happy 2012 to you!


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