Sunday, January 1, 2012

I'm married to an old man...

...a kind, funny, smart, thoughtful, manly kind of man.

A West Texas, boot wearin', truck-driving, God-fearing, open your door, call your mother ma'am kind of man.

A baseball loving, sunflower seed spittin', college football watching, Sic 'Em Bears, golf club swinging, Braves tomahawk choppin', not afraid of the sports cry kind of man.

A history book reader, obscure documentary lover, salesman turned accountant, wood-worker, furniture builder, artist, landscaper, obsessed with music, can talk to anyone about anything, make a friend anywhere kind of man.

A wash your car, fill your tank, do it without asking, no need to thank me, run downstairs 10 times for something you forgot kind of man.

An always kiss goodnight, date taking, handmade card making, it's all in the details, scratch your back for hours on end, trustworthy, take-home-to your mother, spend a lifetime loving kind of man.

A diaper changing, lullaby singing, silly song making, future boyfriend threatening, my daughter has me wrapped around her finger kind of man.

A real man.

My man.

Happy 30th Birthday, Jared. I love you!

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