Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What's in a name??

Abigail Katherine. Yup, that's my little girl's name! That little squirmy, button-nosed pumpkin of mine.

At our baby shower that our friends threw us in Nashville, we got to see Abby's name on lots of things for the first time. Cute, adorable, precious things that I look at everyday!

Seeing her name in cute swirly pink makes things so much more real for us!! And I know it's the perfect name for our sweet girl.

The name Abigail reminds us of the strong and wise Abigail Adams, First Lady and wife of our 2nd President John Adams. I pray my Abigail always knows she has a voice and strives to do what's right, as her namesake did many years ago.

The name Abigail reminds us of Abigail from the Bible who is one of the most faithful women in the Bible. I pray my Abigail grows to be a woman of integrity as her namesake lived long ago.

The name Abigail reminds us of two sweet sweet little girls -- our flower girl in our wedding and the first blind student that truly touched my heart-- and brings us strong memories of kind, gentle, and strong spirited little girls.

Lately, the name Abigail reminds us of how blessed we are and how excited we feel to meet our new family member. Lately, the name Abigail makes our hearts swell with love.


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