Saturday, May 21, 2011

My Week in Retro Pics

My new favorite Android App is "Retro Camera." It makes everything look extra fun. So, I thought I'd share "My Week in Retro Pics!"

1. Paint! Jared and I loaded up on paint this week - for some bathrooms and the nursery! SO EXCITED! More pics will come soon.

2. Steam Vac. I have been wanting one of these forever, so I buckled down and purchased one this week. I am SO in love. This thing is a vacuums then sanitizes with steam. My floor is "Jared approved," and ready for little baby fingers and toes.

3. BEE Enchiladas. Tried this new restaurant in Oak Cliff this week. Twice. They really ARE the Best Enchiladas Ever.

4. Charlottes Web. I'm reading this with one of my students, and it makes me happy everyday. My student asked this week,"How do you think Charlotte shoots string out her rear?"

5. Buddy was not amused by my photo-taking this week apparently.


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