Thursday, January 13, 2011

Roast Bun

Disclaimer: Benchmart testing is taking place all week. Side effects include: boredom, grumpiness, and getting unreasonably punchy and giggly. The last symptom may or may not be the cause of the following post.

One of my little students was reading a passage yesterday about a rose bush as part of this testing. This meant that I was unable to help him with any miscues or mispronunciations in this passage. Unfortunately, the little guy is not yet the strongest reader.

The rose bush story turned into a story about a roast bun. I am sure you can imagine this story about the roast bun being planted in the backyard. The roast bun needs to be watered. The roast bun needs the sunlight. With time, the roast bun will be a large and beautiful roast bun with lots and lots of beautiful roasts.

Roast buns + afformentioned punchiness and giggliness = hilariousness in Mrs. Chambers' classroom. That is all.

Laugh when you can,