Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I need a beard.

Your next spelling word, kids, is the word beard. B-E-A-R-D. For example, "Your dad has a beard."

"No, Mrs. Chambers!!! He DOES NOT HAVE A BEARD! Why would he???"

Okay, okay, maybe, "When you grow up you might have a BEARD!"

"NOOOO! Mrs. Chambers!! Never!"

Wow, okay...I didn't know having a beard was such a bad thing. A lot of people do! Do you not like beards?

"Mrs. Chambers. This is very bad. Beard is drugs, and you are not supposed to drink beard until you are 21 or maybe never at all."

HA! Just an average day with 8 year olds.....I need a "beard."

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