Thursday, June 28, 2012

Angel Fire

Since school's out for the summer, Abby and I were able to tag along with Jared on an audit he was doing for work in Angel Fire, NM.  I wasn't quite sure what to expect because Jared was going to be working ALOT, and there's not a whole lot to do in the small town...

But I am SO glad that we went.  I think I didn't even know I was in need of a LIFE DETOX.  But I got a big old, two week dose of it.  And it was perfect.

First of all, it was BEAUTIFUL.  Highs in the 70s, Lows in the 30s, and purse gorgeousness.

We spent lots of time at some awesome playgrounds.

We took lots of walks and hikes.

We lunched on the patio.

And we spent lots of Abby and Mommy time playing.

So thankful!

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