Tuesday, June 26, 2012

11 Months!

Month 10 has come and gone, and our precious Abby is 11 months old!  I must say that each month with her just keeps getting better and better.  Make no mistake - she's no perfect angel - but she sure is a load of laughs and sweet moments.

We went on our first vacation this month (those blog post are coming...), and I'm starting to realize that she understands quite a bit now - which is awesome and scary at the same time!  For example, the other day I bent down to pick something up and Jared gave me a little "love pat" on my backside.  Abby came right up and did the same thing!  Oh my....

Here's the scoop (so I can remember later!)

LIKES: Walking/Running, picking up rocks, moving items from one container to another, mixing bowls, measuring cups (dollar store, here we come!), Gigi her giraffe, dragging blankets around, snuggling (hooray!), discovering new places, music, chewing on books, kicking a ball, holding as many things as possible in her hands, flipping through books and mom's magazines.

DISLIKES: having something taken away from her, the church nursery, letting mom look in her mouth, certain foods on any given day.

Naps: 2 naps a day (around 9 and 1:30)

Night time:  7 ish bedtime....6 wake-up!!  We are trying to stick to our mountain-time sleep schedule...here's to hoping!

Eating:  Bottle in the morning, Breakfast, Lunch, Snack, Dinner, and Bottle at bedtime.  Jared and I fight over who gets to give her the nighttime bottle...we know this time with her will not be long-lived.

All the Best,

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