Friday, April 15, 2011

Rip Your Pants!

The phrase "Rip Your Pants" holds a special meaning to my sorority basically means "work your butt off" or "do your best," and it derived its meaning when one of our girls danced so hard that she actually ripped her pants.

I was reminded of this memory today when I noticed that I had actually ripped my pants. I take that back. I am blaming it on the washer/dryer/GAP manufacturing. I washed my jeans last night, so that had to be it. Although, the largeness of the hole may or may not have been increased by my lunges across the kitchen this morning post-jean-washing.

Obviously, I drove as soon as possible to the nearest GAP maternity, demanded (politely asked) that my jeans be replaced, changed in the dressing room, and left a new woman! Kudos, GAP!

That all being said, I am spending the rest of the evening studying for a Braille certification exam that I take tomorrow. And to that I say, "Rip Your Pants!!" But, not really this time.



  1. GOOD LUCK STACEY!!!! I took the Colorado Brl certification test last November and I was working like CRAZY beforehand. You will do GREAT!