Monday, November 15, 2010

Something New

No, I'm not having another wedding, but I do have something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue. Let's start with something new...because Jared and I are FINALLY in our new house! Big huge shout out to Mom and Pops for letting us crash at their place for...ummm 6 months...but we are so happy to have a brand new place of our own!

As we awaited and planned our big move (down the street), we made our list of things to buy as soon as we moved in. Here are my top 5 favorite "something news" in our home:

1. Yup, my door mat. I am such a nerd, but I couldn't wait to get our doormat, and the first thing we did when closed was put this thing down. I think it just signifies, "Hey, we live here! Come on in! And wipe your feet!" (of course, those of you who know Jared you know the wipe the feet thing is serious business!)

2. I love lamps and cringe at overhead lighting. And I'm a little obsessed with green right now. BAM! Perfect lamp. Of course, it's on sale now....

3. Ahhh, the Dyson. Ok people. Everyone I know with a Dyson has raged about it (OK, we're officially old), but I never really understood what the big deal was. I mean, I thought that I would rather have a cheap vacuum and buy something pretty. Like shoes. I guess I've come a long way because this thing is light as a feather, it can turn on a dime, and it even makes vacuuming fun! Ok, that's exaggerating a bit. Regardless, I'm a believer. Team Dyson!

4. Our fridge. I came by everyday in the final stages of our house being finished just to see if they had installed our fridge. I could NOT wait to see it. Again, I feel super old about how excited this made me. Who knew I would ever care about appliances? 10 years ago all I could make were chocolate chip pancakes. Well, here's the beauty:

5. During my days as a Pottery Barn associate, I spent a majority of my time shopping while I worked. I found great deals, decorated rooms for my future homes, and even helped a customer or two. I also had plenty of time to test out the most comfortable couches. This was always my fave. Years later, I am the proud owner of a PB Basic! Hooray! Come sit!

Since my camera died last week (hence the lame phone pics), hopefully my next something new will be a camera. And maybe some more cute throw pillows. And a TV. :) Suggestions??

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  1. get a rebel xs! That's what we have and it's awesome! Bryce says you can get a good deal on amazon right now. Takes amazing pics. AND good for the kiddies when you have those one day :) Can't wait to see your new place!