Wednesday, July 25, 2012

12 Months!

It's hard to imagine that a year ago I was just bringing my baby girl home from the hospital, and now she is a running, climbing, laughing, dancing, giggle machine!  What a blessing.

Here's the 12 month photo shoot and stats:

LOVES: "Gigi" the giraffe, fruit (especially watermelon and grapes), dancing - she's added hand motions now!, snuggling (yay!), giving kisses and hugs (it doesn't get any better), the dogs (of course), stacking, moving toys from one container to another, swimming, her ball, and making people laugh at her!

DISLIKES: being in the car, having something taken from her, sitting in her high chair, having her diaper changed

She is eating mostly finger foods now, and we just switched to milk instead of formula!  She still takes a bottle before bed.  

She takes two naps a day (around 9 and 1:30), bedtime is around 7, and she wakes up between 5 and 6.

Pictures from her party coming soon....


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