Monday, June 6, 2011

My First Year

This year has been quite a year of change- graduation from grad school, moving to Texas, my first year teaching, buying a new home, and finding out that I'm having a baby! It's been fun sharing the ups and downs throughout the year on this blog because what an adventure it has been!

Wrapping up the first year of teaching was bittersweet. Actually, I take that was pretty amazing. It feels great to have the summer ahead of me and a fully year of experience behind me. They say the first year is the hardest... and just so I don't forget, these are the lessons I learned this school year:

1. The beginning of the year is crazy. It's chaotic. You need to clone yourself. But it get's better. (Hip hip hooray for Abigail's due date and getting to skip the craziness this year!)

2. Never underestimate your students or yourself. One of my students in particular this year taught me that the sky is the limit. He came into the year not knowing the whole braille alphabet, and he left a reading lover who passed the TAKS test. Reaching for the stars pays off.

3. Follow your gut. There were many times this year I felt conflicted about the way things were done or decision that needed to be made. I trusted my instincts, and it paid off in the end.

4. Never stop enjoying the students. There were a few times this year that I got caught up in deadlines, testing, etc. When I stepped back and remembered to have fun, laugh, and love on my kiddos, it made all the difference for all of us.

5. Make friends...and stay out of the drama. I can pat myself on the back for doing this pretty well this year. You have to reach out and use your resources. You have to make friends at work to laugh with and support each other....yet you have to stay out of the chitty chatty teachers' lounges with too much drama.

6. Remember how lucky your are to have this job. For one, I have a teaching job. For two, I get to work with some inspiring and unique kiddos. I get to plan lessons just for them. I get to teach them the fun stuff. I get to make a difference and change lives. I get the summer off. :)

Looking forward to many more teaching adventures, and thanks for letting me share them with you!


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