Monday, June 20, 2011


This week is the last week of the summer school I've been helping with for the students in my program. It's been really fun to see the students get to be with other kids who are blind and get to try and learn new things everyday. I've been especially enjoying eavesdropping (I mean listening) to some of their conversations.

Today I overheard this:

Little Girl: "I haven't had a friend for 3 years."
Little Boy: "Well, you have one now."

Are you kidding me? My. Heart. Was. Broken. Slash Happy. My students remind me everyday how blessed I am to have my health, a great family, and today...great friends.

Great friends across the miles.

Great friends I can share anything with.

Great friends I've had for ages.

Great friends that make me laugh and be myself.

Thank you to all of my great friends! I am so blessed!

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