Thursday, April 26, 2012

Easter Recap

One of the best things about being a new parent is every time you turn around you are experiencing a "First."  And it's, like, such a big freakin' deal.  I never thought I'd be that corny parent who thought so, either!  Alas, this month we celebrated Abby's first Easter, her first petting zoo, and her first visit to the real zoo, among many other things...

This year, I helped plan my work's "Beeping Egg Hunt" for the all the young blind kiddos in the district.  We go all out with crafts, music, petting zoo, etc.  Abby got to come, and it was really fun!  

Here's Abby with the animals:

She got really pumped to see the chick, to which I said, "Quack, Quack!" I would be wrong.

Not so sure about you!

"Mom, can we keep him?"

I am STILL laughing about Abby's picture with this authentic-looking Easter bunny at the event.  My district keeps it classy, ok?  I seriously think this guy is right off the set of "Bad Santa's" sequel "Bad Bunny."  Like I said, classy.

For Easter weekend, we celebrated in with Jared's family in Abilene.  We had the blessing of sharing in Austin's baptism, which was really special.   We also took Abby to the zoo, which she loved!

Flamingos were her fave.

In every picture, sweet "Lita" is looking at Abby.  She LOVES that girl.

Love my fam.

Checking out the turtles!

Gramma (My mom) made Abby an adorable Easter basket.  Abby loved finding her treasures from the Easter Bunny.

Adorable bunny bib, complements of Aunty Liz of "Bizzy Baby"
"Look, Mom!  The same little leggings you had in the cart at Target the other day!"

Easter morning was a little chaotic, and Abby didn't last very long during the service at church.  But we looked cute, right?   I'm pretty sure Jesus understands. :)

I love this one because this is our life....Abby is always on the go!

Right before she crapped her pants.

Back in Dallas, unpacking after the long weekend....I turned around to find THIS:

Smiley girl.


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